Jeffinia's pet dogs that are on his blog

Jeffinia the frog doesnt actually have any pet dogs. He really wants one but his mum Alsebra the Zebra said that he couldn't have one. Jeffinias favourite dogs are the ones from his favourite show paw patrol. He also likes other dogs like bluey, goofy.

I also really like whiteboard markers here is a speach I wrote about whiteboard markers.

Whiteboard markers are ideal for writing on whiteboards, specially coated boards and smooth surfaces. The high-quality pens available in our product range do not smudge, are easy to erase and the results are clearly visible even from a distance. Most whiteboard markers consist of three components: color pigment, a solvent and an oily silicone polymer also known as a release agent. The most significant difference between dry erase and wet erase markers is that dry erase markers are easy to wipe away, making them the best selection for temporary use. The ink can be easily erased with a whiteboard eraser or piece of cloth. Contrary to it's name, the permanent marker is not so permanent on a dry erase board with lines. In fact, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you've had a moment of inspiration, picked up a Sharpie and went to town on the whiteboard. do not panic! just draw over the top of it with a whiteboard maker and when you wipe it, it will all come of with no problem. I love whiteboard markers.

Just kidding I dont really love whiteboard markers I just wanted to waste your time by making you read this.

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